Discover the taste of 17000 islands, beyond the country’s exotic culture, traditions and recipes, inherited across generations, leading to prime shrimp products you will ever wonder





We have the longest coastline and potential production areas in the tropics

We guarantee all year round shrimp supplies to feed the world 

We supply quality indigenous black tiger prawn, white leg shrimp and sea-catch (wild) shrimp 

We supply certified products comply to national and International standards 

We provide variety of products with strong quality value added products



Which shrimp you are interested in?

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  • FGD Shrimp East Java - May 16, 2023

    The objective of the mission is to conduct meetings and organize a Focused Group Discussion (FGD) with key stakeholders involved in the development...

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  • Bangka Belitung Shrimp Conference - May 23, 2023

    Erzaldi Rosman Institute, Bangka Belitung University, and Minapoli have organized the Bangka Belitung Shrimp Conference with the theme "Synergy in...

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  • National Shrimp Action Forum – October 26, 2022

    In order to accelerate the achievement of the 2020-2024 RPJMN Major Project target related to pond revitalization in shrimp production centers, as...

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